Purple crocus flowers against a dark background.

“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”

-Jodi Picoult
What is this?

This is an educational and writerly blog created and curated by me, Samantha Godwin. Much of it is based on reading responses and crafting blog posts about rhetoric and composition, but there’s also some fun stuff in there about where I’ve been published and what I’m like as a human being.

okay, but who are you?

I am a graduate student in Kennesaw State University’s Master of Arts in Professional Writing Program. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Mercer University with minors in Chemistry and Criminal Justice. More information about me can be found on the About Me page.

I am also a teacher’s assistant with four semesters of experience as a supplementary writing instructor. I have a particular fondness for classical texts and creating rhetorical templates.

why is it called violet prose?

It’s a play on purple prose that also ties in my love for flowers and puns. Get it? Get it? Geeet iiiiiiit?

Dictionary definition of “purple prose.”

I love writing that is flowery and descriptive, vivid and alive with emotion. I love the writing that’s just short of purple–it’s violet.

you know the flowers in the header aren’t violets, right?

Yes, I know that the flowers in the header are orchids rather than violets, but it is what it is.