Community Outreach

green card voices
The logo for Green Card Voices, a Minnesota-based project focusing on empowering immigrants’ voices.

This iteration of Green Card Voices is an entrepreneurial STEM collection focusing on adult professionals who immigrated to the United States from countries around the world. My role is to assist with the project proposal, copyedit personal narratives, fact check, and compile a glossary of terms, generally scientific terms, used in these personal narratives.

atlanta day shelter for women and children

This project is still theoretical, but I hope to work with Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children. Homelessness is a big issue in and around Atlanta, and is an amalgam of several other complex issues (domestic violence, military service, sex trafficking, substance abuse, race, LGBTQ issues, the criminal justice system, and so on), and is all the more important to tackle for its complexity. I have a limited understanding of what I can do as an individual to address this problem, but by partnering with an Atlanta-based homelessness resource center, I hope to become part of the solution.

What I have in mind is similar to the Green Card Voices project in that I want to empower and give shape to the voices of the homeless residents of our city. I would be travelling to the homeless shelter, conducting and transcribing interviews, and compiling the gathered narratives into a single manuscript.