Projects and Assignments

This section contains the Syllabus Analysis Project, the Theorized Writing Project, and the Community Outreach.

syllabus analysis project

The Syllabus Analysis Project is a project in which I analyze the real syllabus of a first-year composition course. I will be examining how the information is structured and arranged, what information is included, and how the written and design elements affect understanding and clarity of the document. This assignment will be the first step in the construction of my own syllabus for a first-year composition course, and if all goes well, I will be able to use it when I begin teaching next fall.

Theorized writing project

The Theorized Writing Project is a project in which I formulate my own writing project based on specific threshold concepts and target outcomes. I will be choosing what I believe is important about writing and the writing process and designing an assignment to address it, with the understanding that I must be able to justify any element of the assignment that I include.

Community outreach

The community outreach aspect is based on my collaboration with an Atlanta-based homeless shelter.